Lindha Narvaez


At 15, fueled by her love for art and an intrinsic need to create, Lindha was introduced to a successful fashion photographer and quickly became his assistant and darkroom printer. Here she met Danny Clinch, an aspiring photographer at that time.

As fate had it, Lindha and Danny rejoined years later and given the opportunity to produce a documentary on Ben Harper.  It was a baptism by fire for sure, yet Lindha conquered it like a seasoned professional. It was then that Danny and Lindha formed Three on the Tree where she became EP and proved herself to be a force; artists loved her, clients trusted her and directors saw her as the perfect partner.  Working with artists like Willie Nelson, Pearl Jam and The Foo Fighters gave Lindha the chance to fully form her work ethic and philosophy: she realized how important it was to create an excellent environment for her production teams while nurturing her clients.

From Queens to Venice Beach… Lindha has continued to bring her unique eye and creative insight to projects like Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer, earning 2 Grammy Award nominations for her work.  In 2009, Lindha opened the next chapter in her career, creating MILKT Films. See here.